Marta Calzolari

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Curriculum Vitae

Marta Calzolari was born in Ferrara, Italy, on 07/07/1984.

After classical secondary studies, she was credited the Master degree in architecture at the University of Ferrara, Italy, in November 2008, with the mark of 110/110 cum laude, for a final project concerning energy retrofit of a part of building historical heritage.

In March 2007 Marta collaborates to a project part of the seminar "Michelangelo in Florence" presented by the Faculty of Architecture to the Fair of Restoration in Ferrara.

In July 2007 one of Marta's projects is awarded the prize of the Laboratorio di Costruzione dell'Achitettura 2 "Concorso Knauf, sistemi costruttivi a secco" ("Knauf Award, building with a dry system").
The project was also presented during the "Ferrara Baloon Festival" in Ferrara, September 2007.

In June 2008 she participates to the workshop: “Riqualificazione energetico/sostenibile del complesso di “Palazzo degli specchi” (Energetic/sustainable riqualification of the complex "Palazzo degli specchi"), sponsored by the University of Ferrara, Faculty of
Architecture, the City of Ferrara and STU (Società di trasformazione urbana di Ferrara).

Between November and December 2008 Marta participates to the team working on a project presented to the FuturArc Prize. The project is called “Office Building and Water Park in Jakarta, Indonesia” and work focuses on the techniques for energetic planning.

From January to April 2009 she follows a stage at Becquerel Electric of Reggio Emilia, for the project of a photo voltaic park.

Since 2009 Marta works as teaching assistant to the University of Ferrara for the Architecture course "Controllo Energetico degli Edifici" (Energy control in Buildings).
In 2009 she is the tutor to the final workshop “Architettura>Energia>Ambiente” (Architecture>Energy>Environment) of that course.