Paola Boarin

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Curriculum Vitae

Architect and Ph.D. in Architectural Technology. Contract Professor at Faculty of Architecture, Ferrara.Her research fields are sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental quality of buildings, both in urban and building scale, with specialization in requalification of historic building and settlements and educational buildings.

She graduated in March 2005 at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ferrara and she is registered architect in the same year. In 2006 she won the University project “Young Researchers” with a research concerning the “Observatory on environmental sustainability of buildings”, starting a process of specialization on assessing and rating tools for environmental performance verification of buildings. Since 2007 she is Honorary Fellow in “Architectural Technology”.

In March 2009 she earned the title of Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural Technology with a thesis entitled “Energy and environmental requalification of educational buildings. Examples, goals, strategies, opportunities”. From the same year she is Professor at many professional courses on sustainability and energy certification of buildings and Contract Professor of “Environmental Design” and “Technology of Architecture” at Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara. From February 2009, year of foundation, she is member of the Architettura>Energia Research Centre of the Faculty of Architecture of Ferrara working and coordinating researches in the field of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, with particular interest in energy and environmental refurbishment of historic buildings and villages, educational buildings and social housing.

From 2010 she is the referent person of Department of Architecture of Ferrara within GBC Italia’s activities. Vice-chair of Green Building Council Italia Technical Advisor Group, section “Material and Resources”, since 2011, Chair of the TAG “Historic Building” and member of the Educational Group since April 2012.

She is consultant for Public Administrations and professionals for what concerns sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental quality of buildings. She is author of several articles on the main specialized scientific magazines and congresses about the issues of energy efficiency and performance upgrading of existing buildings, in particular educational buildings and built heritage in the Mediterranean environment.