After you arrive

Orientation week

Incoming students must take part in the orientation week that is normally held during the third week of September (third week of February for the second semester). An official communication will be sent via email to all students with specific details and schedule.

During the orientation week important information will be given to all the incoming students concerning both the procedures to following during the stay and also the services offered by the University and the Municipality of Ferrara. During this week students that have also applied for the Italian language course  have to pay the registration fee and take an entrance language test.

Students arriving to Ferrara after the orientation week must urgently go to the International mobility and Educational Office to finalize the registration.

All the incoming students will receive a Certificate of Arrival stating clearly the date of the beginning of their stay. This document will be essential to enroll. At the end of the stay, students are povided with a Certificate of Attendance.


The enrolment is formalized at the Student registrar’s office. Incoming student must hand in the following documents:

  • Copy of the ID/Passport (it is possible to enclose a PDF copy of the document during the online application procedure)
  • Enrolment form (it is possible to print this document at the end of the online application procedure)
  • Payment receipt (only in case the student paid at the Bank)
  • Study plan duly filled out and signed, including all the subjects the student would like to attend during his/her stay.

Changes to the study plan

If during the stay the student needs to update (add or delete courses) on the study plan, it will be necessary to fill in the Changes to the study plan and hand it again to the Student registrar's office.