Change degree or change university (only for non-EU students)

Reference office after enrolment

The International Mobility Office is responsible to assist the student from the pre-registration to the enrolment. After enrolment, the student will basically refer to:

Change degree or change university (only for non-EU students)

The non-Eu students regularly enrolled in the University of Ferrara can apply to move to another Italian University or to enroll to a different degree course only after the first year is completed. The University of Ferrara will not consider any of these applications submitted before the first year is over. Moving to a limited access degree course is subject to the entrance test. 

Residence permit renewal (only for non-EU students)

After enrolment, the students will have to apply for a new residence permit to formalize his/her permanence in Italy for the whole year. The application for residence permit renewal must be submitted at least 60 days before the old permit expires. To get the renewal smoothly, the student must hand to the Police Headquarter:

  1. prove of the same funds which enabled him/her to get to Italy at the moment of the pre-registration (5.818,93 Euros per year);
  2. certificate/prove of enrolment;
  3. being under the same conditions proved before the arrival in Italy.

The residence permit for study reasons is renewed upon certain conditions to be certified, in particular the Police will issue a new permit to those students who:

  • passed at least one exam during the first year;
  • passed at least two exams during the following years.

The certification of the exams will be notified by the University in terms of credits. The Headquarter can decide to renew the permit even to students under serious health issues or hardships who haven't met the exam requirements. However, the residence permit can be awarded for no longer than three years after the normal duration of the degree course to which the student is enrolled.

Document withdrawal

Foreign students can have back the documents they previously handed to the Registrar's Office only in case:

  • they didn't pass the admission tests, so they are forced to leave;
  • they couldn't enroll because the reserved places were already filled up;
  • they've decided to move to another University (before being enrolled);
  • they finally graduated.

Those students who neither pass the admission test nor get admitted to another degree course/university by the period determined by the Italian Ministry,must forcedly leave Italy before their temporary residence permit or their student VISA expires.