Enroll to a Master's Degree

    After getting to Italy, the student must be holding the right documents for enrolment. The documents must be handed straight to the International Mobility Office for a check just after the student arrives in Italy. The documents for enrolment are:

    1. Foreign academic degree diploma, translated into Italian languageand legalised (Legalizzazione documenti e Perfezionamento documenti). The enrolment in the above mentioned degree must have been after 12 years of previous school attendance; furthermore the degree must enable the access to the master's degree in the home country;
    2. Declaration of Value related to the academic qualification;
    3. Academic Transcipt issued by the foreign University, duly translated into Italian and legalised. It should report the amount of credits, the hours of lecture/individual study and the grades;
    4. Syllabus of any subject/exam attended, studied and passed during the academic study plan. The syllabus is issued by the home university and is to be confirmed by the Italian Diplomatic Authority before submitting it to the University of Ferrara. English, French and Spanish versions of the syllabus may be accepted as well;
    5. (only for the issuing countries) Diploma Supplement, which replaces point 4 if issued in English, French or Spanish language.

    For non-EU students we also require:

    1. Pre-registration A form;
    2. Passport-sized photo certified by the competent Italian Embassy.

    The documents mentioned above don't allow to access straight the Master's degree; the University of Ferrara should first assess whether the foreign qualification meets the requirements of the Italian Master's degree.

    According to specific criteria (requirements, credits, scientific study fields, personal preparation), the in charge Committee determines the admission to the selected Master's degree. After the arrival in Italy, the student must hand the documents straight to the International Mobility Office which is in charge to check an transfer them to the Department where the assessment will take place. The response over student's admission will be issued within 60 days.

    After the due assessment, in case the student curriculum doesn't meet the degree course requirements, the Departmental Committee can reject the application. If this may happen, the student can enroll onto the corresponding Bachelor's degree course (if it's not a limited access course) and he/she will also be asked to integrate the documents already handed with what required for bachelor's degree admission. See the page: recognition of foreign qualifications.