The main mission of the Section of Psychiatry is the integration of education, research and clinical care in psychiatry, according to the various dimensions of psychiatry: 1) the biological, psychological and social dimensions; 2) the education, research and clinical-assistance roles; 3) the dimensions of psychiatry in its past, present and future.

As a result of this three-dimensional focus, the "Threefold Face", portrait of Lionello d' Este enterprise, was chosen to lead us through this site (in Italian language). The specific goals of the Section are:
  • to educate and train students and doctors within the Faculty (School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, Post-Graduation Schools and Graduate Schools);
  • to provide special training in general psychiatry to physicians at the Post-Graduate School of Psychiatry and to students at the Graduate School in Rehabilitation Psychiatry;
  • to promote educational events in the framework of Continuous Education in Medicine (CME) in order to train health care professionals in mental health areas;
  • to promote evidence-based research in order to deepen and improve the knowledge in various areas of psychiatry, such as prevention, epidemiology, clinical care and treatment;
  • to perform and develop clinical care programs for persons suffering from psychological distress and for their families, particularly for cancer patients and their families;
  • to promote the psychiatric culture and research performed by the department in various institutional areas, such as Health Agencies, scientific, medical and psychological Societies, Cultural Associations, at local, regional, national and international levels.