The Section of Psychiatry provides general and specialized training in psychiatry within the School of Medicine of  the University of Ferrara.

  • Graduate program Rehabilitation Psychiatry - The course (three years) is designed to provide a comprehensive education in psychosocial and psychiatric rehabilitation of people with mental illness. Primary training sites include the clinical services of the Section of Psychiatry and the Integrated Department of Mental Health and Drug Abuse  in Ferrara.
  • Residency Program in Psychiatry - The Section offers a post-graduate residency program in General Psychiatry (five years), which is designed to provide a comprehensive and broad-based education in clinical psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Primary training sites for psychiatry include the clinical services within the Integrated Department of Mental Health and Drug Abuse (see the web site in Italian language)
  • Other programs - The Section also offers courses in psychiatry in a number of graduate schools such as Medicine, Dentistry, Obstetrics, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy as well as post-doctoral residency programs, such as Neurology, Oncology, Gastroenterology, a
Students are offered a variety of opportunities to learn about the field of psychiatry and psychiatric disorders through a range of activities, including clerkship, internship, seminars, conferences and optional didactic programs (see in this site Events, in Italian language). Details and information about the content of the course, the training programs and all the didactic and educational activities provided by the Section of Psychiatry are available in our site in Italian language.