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Academic year
Didactic period
Secondo Semestre

Training objectives

The objective of the course is to provide the necessary background and knowledge for the characterization, Risk Assessment and Remediation of contaminated aquifers.

The main acquired knowledge will allow the student to manage major hydrogeological problems connected to soil and groundwater pollution

At the end of the course, the student has the knowledge to:
- evaluate the behaviour and propagation of all sorts of contaminants in aquifers;
- Carry out Risk Assessment (Tier 2) and finally,
- plan the necessary actions for exploitation and protection of groundwater resources from contamination


Students should have knowledge of:
• basic elements of Hydrogeology
• Structural Geology and Stratigraphy
• basic Statistics
• fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

Course programme

The lectures will focus on the following topics
• Basic concepts of hydrogeology with particular focus on contaminant transport in aquifers (4 hours)
• Types of contaminants and their behavious in aquifers (8h)
• Environmental legislation about contaminated sites in Italy (6h)
• Site Characterization and Conceptual Model (4 hours)
• Risk assessment (8 hours)
• Tutorials on Risk Assessment with the software RiskNet (6 hours)
• Remediation techniques for unsaturated soil and groundwater (12 hours)

Didactic methods

The course is subdivided in:
• frontal lections teaching the topics described above (40 hours)
• practical lessons on the use of softwares (8 hours)

Learning assessment procedures

Course learning goals will be assessed by written examinations, figuring a quiz and problems on the course content. In order to pass the examination, one must have a grade of at least 18 out of 30.

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