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Academic year
Didactic period
Secondo Semestre

Training objectives

Aim of this course is to let students become familiar with applied computer networks technologies.

Knowledge: the students, at the end of the course, will have learned to design the principles of local networks of institutional and / or company, and to distinguish the different characteristics of network devices.

Skill: at the end of the course the student will be able to:

-designing local networks

-configure and manage a mail server with centralized accounting, and a DNS

-set security configurations on network devices, local and geographical.


Students need to have good knowledges of computer networks architecture and of operating systems. The course Architettura di reti is a prerequisite.

Course programme

Design of a LAN for an new institution/company (3 hours)
Choice of network devices (3 hours)
Installation and configuration of a manageable switch ( 3 hours)
VLAN and ACL configuration ( 3 hours)
Configuration of a SMTP server with antivirus and anti spam (6 hours)
Installation and configuration of a DNS server (6 hours)
Installation and configuration of a router (12 hours)
Simulation of a man with more router (6 hours)
Server DHCP installation and configuration (3 hours)
LDAP configuration (3 hours)

Didactic methods

The students, divided into groups, will carry out the practical exercises in the laboratory through the use of active networking equipment, in order to understand various configurations proposed.
At the end of each exercise will be sent to the teacher a report on the work done.

Learning assessment procedures

The final exam will be oral. Will be made three questions on the topics addressed in the laboratory and the final grade will be based on the reports submitted, the responses and the involvement / presence of the student in class.

Reference texts

The variety of the topics does not allow the adoption of a single text learning. Handouts are not used, the exercises are preceded by a theoretical explanation. Many information can be found on the websites of the installed services or similar sites.