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Academic year
Didactic period
Secondo Semestre

Training objectives

Knowledge of magmatic and metamorphic processes: macroscopic and microscopic identification of the main magmatic and metamorphic rocks.


Basic notions of chemistry and mineralogy

Course programme

The magmatic process. Chemical and mineralogical classification of magmatic rocks (10 hours). Nature and processes in the lithospheric mantle (4 hours). Genesis of basic magmas and magmatic differentiation (2 hours). Optical mineralogy (10 hours). Microscopic identification of minerals and classification of the main intrusive and effusive magmatic rocks (15+5 hours).The metamorphic process: detailed classification of the metamorphic types. Macroscopic and microscopic structures and textures of the main metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic minerals, metamorphic facies (12 hours).

Didactic methods

Theoretical lessons on petrography and optical mineralogy focused on the characterization of the main minerals forming the magmatic and metamorphic rocks and the main genetic processes, followed by several practical exercises at the microscope.

Learning assessment procedures

Practical proof at the microscope (with written report; 4 hours)dealing with the characterization of a magmatic or metamorphic rock, followed by an oral examination (ca. 30 minutes) focused on the errors and degree of understanding.

Reference texts

- Notes prepared by the Professor.
- Peccerillo A. e Perugini D. "Introduzione alla petrografia ottica"; Morlacchi Editore.
-Zezza U., "Petrografia microscopica"; La Goliardica Pavese Editore
-E.Wm. Heinrich "Microscopic identification of minerals"; McGraw-Hill Editor