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Academic year and teacher
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Academic year
Didactic period
Primo Semestre

Training objectives

Knowledge and understanding: Knowing and understanding the theoretical and methodological frameworks of teaching and special education

Applying knowledge and understanding: Knowing and applying the most effective educational and teaching methods for school and social inclusion

Making judgements: Reaching a critical thinking on inclusive educational design, based on scientific information;

Communication skills: Being able to elaborate tables for identification of educational needs in different types of difficulties and disabilities;

Learning skills: Being able to design educational and teaching inclusive programs.


Basic knowledge in psychopedagogical and didactic fields.

Course programme

The course aims to the knowledge of evidence based education of persons with special needs and to the mastery of the most effective methodologies in special and inclusive teaching, in helping relationship in cases of disability. Qualitative and quantitative methods and criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of educational interventions will be treated.

Didactic methods

Direct and dialogic lesson with collaborative discussion; teaching seminars, audio-visual projection, case study.

Learning assessment procedures

Assessment will take place through a final oral exam to ascertain knowledge and skills relating to the theoretical and methodological aspects of the discipline. The oral exam focuses on the contents of the theoretical lessons, on those of the text and of the handout.
The evaluation criteria will be: mastery of the specific lexicon of the discipline, argumentative competence and effectiveness of the examples.

Reference texts

L. Trisciuzzi, T. Zappaterra, L. Bichi, Tenersi per mano. Disabilità e formazione del sé nell'autobiografia, FUP, Firenze 2006.
Handout for the laboratory (available in Classroom).