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Academic year
Didactic period
Secondo Semestre

Training objectives

After completing this course, students can read and interpret human movement with a biomechanical approach. In particular they are able to learn and apply the main laws of classical mechanics, with particular reference to sport activities and rehabilitation, in order to enhance performance and / or recover / improve physical condition.



Course programme

Linear kinematics: linear displacement, velocity, and acceleration; parabolic motion.
Angular kinematics: angular displacement, velocity, and acceleration. Reference to the most common movements in sports and rehabilitation.
Linear dynamics. Newton's laws. External and internal forces; normal and tangential forces. Frictional forces. Impulse and linear momentum. Impacts and collisions. The coefficient of restitution.
Angular dynamics. Moment of inertia. Torque moment and center of mass. Principle of conservation of angular momentum.
Statics: conditions of equilibrium (cardinal equations of statics); levers.
Qualitative and quantitative biomechanical analysis.

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Didactic methods

Frontal lessons and exercises.

Learning assessment procedures

Oral or written examination including theory questions and the resolution of exercises. Written examination consists of 3 or 4 open questions and 2 exercices.The aim of the examination is to test the level of knowledge and deepening of the topics of the course program and the reasoning skills developed by the student on issues related to biomechanics.

Reference texts

Lecture slides
Additional texts in Italian
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Anthony Blazevich. Biomeccanica dello sport. Calzetti e Mariucci, 2017
Additional texts in English
McGinnis P.M., Biomechanics of Exercise and Sport, 2nd Edition, Human Kinetics, 2004
Knudson D., Fundamentals of biomechanics, Springer, 2007
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