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Strumenti personali

Materiale didattico anno accademico 2017-2018

TIMETABLE 2017-2018.pdf
Ecological Minds, English Literature I, MA course 2017-2018.pdf
Lawrence Buell, The Ecocritical Insurgency, 1999.pdf
Karen L. Kilcup, Fresh Leaves. Practicing Environmental Criticism, 2009.pdf
Adam Trexler and Adeline Johns‐Putra, Climate Change in Literature and Literary Criticism, 2011.pdf
Adeline Johns-Putra, A New Critical Climate, 2013.pdf
Adeline Johns-Putra, Environmental Care Ethics, 2013.pdf
Gerry Canavan and Kim Stanley Robinson, Green Planets, 2014.pdf
Adeline Johns‐Putra, Climate Change in Literature and Literary Criticism, 2016.pdf
Walter Scott, The Lay of the Last Minstrel, 1805.pdf
Susan Oliver, Trees, Rivers, and Stories, 2017.pdf
William Wordsworth, Poems, 1858.pdf
“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”, written 1804, published 1807, pp. 144-145, “The Solitary Reaper”, written 1805, published 1807, p. 222.
Karl Kroeber, Constable and Wordsworth, 1971.pdf
A. S. Pfeffer and J. A. W. Heffernan, Wordsworth on Imagination, 1969.pdf
A. J. Raymer, Virgil and Wordsworth, 1939.pdf
John Clare, Poems Descriptive, 1820.pdf
John Clare, Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery, 1820: “Helpstone”, pp. 3-11, “The Harvest Morning”, pp. 98-102.
John Clare, The Rural Muse, 1835.pdf
John Clare, The Rural Muse, 1835: “Pastoral Fancies”, pp. 67-69, “The Pasture”, pp. 111-112, “Rural Scenes”, p. 113.
Sarah Houghton, The Community of John Clare's Helpston, 2006.pdf
Alan Bewell, John Clare and the Ghosts of Natures Past, 2011.pdf
Thomas Hardy, Under the Greenwood Tree, 1872.pdf
Elyzabeth Carolyn Miller, Dendrography and Ecological Realism, 2016.pdf
Harold E. Toliver, The Dance under the Greenwood Tree, 1962.pdf
Brian Wilson Aldiss, Hothouse, 1984.pdf
C. N. Manlove, Science Fiction. Ten Explorations, 1986.pdf
Doris Lessing, Mara and Dann, 1999.pdf
Judi Marshall, En-gendering Notions of Leadership, 2011.pdf
Tom Sperlinger, Radical Pedagogy in Doris Lessing's Mara and Dann, 2017.pdf