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Academic year and teacher
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Academic year
Didactic period
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Training objectives

Following on from the first year of the master's programme, the aim of the second year is to further develop general language skills.
An additional goal of the course is development of awareness of cultural aspects of English and of cultures influenced by English.
Although language skills are considered a course priority, it is intended to share concepts from sociolinguistics, cultural anthropology and criticism of globalisation, along with an understanding of discourse.


Students must pass all first year examinations before taking examinations pertaining to the second year.

Course programme

Language development (all four skills) at C1-C2 level with particular emphasis on vocabulary.
Translation skills and practical examples, with contrastive analysis. Cultural awareness and understanding sociolinguistics.
Confidence with internet/computer resources.
Aspects of general linguistics (verb tense and aspect; lexis and idiomatic language), pragmatics and English as a lingua franca

Course content is the same for non-attending students

Didactic methods

Various activities aimed at developing language skills; use of the textbook (Proficiency Masterclass, OUP), dvds and videos etc.
Specific readings for culture and examples for translation practice.
Group work and use of net-based resources.
Lessons are aimed at developing and consolidating oral and written skills, using academic and current affairs texts for reading and comment.

Learning assessment procedures

Written 'mid-year' test in December.
Written examination in June (with 'parziale' for those yet to pass the 'mid-year' exam);
Candidates must pass both written papers before attempting the oral examination.

Exams are the same for non-attending students

Reference texts

Coursebook (language), ‘Proficiency Masterclass’ (Student’s Book and Exam Practice workbook) OUP (Obligatory basic text)

Additional material:
Reference books: 'Practical English Usage' M. Swan (OUP), 3rd Edition 2005; 'Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary' (OUP) 9th Edition (2015)
'Oxford Collocations Dictionary for students of English' (OUP) 2nd edition (2009)

'Global Englishes. A Resource Book for Students' Jennifer Jenkins (Routledge) 2015

'Attitudes to Language'. Peter Garrett (CUP) 2010
'Discourse' Jan Blommaert (CUP) 2005