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Academic year and teacher
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Academic year
Didactic period
Secondo Semestre

Training objectives

The integrated course of "Metallic materials and processing techniques" consists of the two courses of Metallurgy II and manufacturing Processes II. The latter is aimed at integrating subjects of Manufacturing Processes course through the presentation of further manufacturing techniques. The focus is on the mechanical principles on which such processes are based and on main concerns related to process planning and execution.


sheet metalworking processes, powder metallurgy, polymers and plastics, processing of plastics, machining, abrasive machining, nontraditional machining processes, joining processes, 3D printing methods

Course programme

sheet metal working 10 hours
metal sintering 2.5 hours
plastics and rel techniques 7.5 hours
metal cutting 22.5 hours
abrasive machining 2.5 hours
other manufact techniques 2.5 hours
joining techniques 7.5 hours
3D printing 5 hours

Didactic methods

the course consists of 24 lectures about manufacturing processes. Subjects presented in the course are also available as recordings freely downloadable from Google Drive

Learning assessment procedures

The exam is a written test consisting of 22 open and specific questions on the contents of the lectures. Each question has the same weight in contributing to the evaluation. Beside the knowledge of the program, students are evaluated on the basis of their ability in comparing and choosing among alternative manufacturing processes. In the case of online exams, candidates are orally examinated, 4 questions for each student.

Reference texts

Introduction to Manufacturing Processes di John A. Schey
Copies of the slides used in class
class notes