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Academic year
Didactic period
Primo Semestre

Training objectives

The course provides the basic knowledge to understand the vehicle dynamics in different working conditions. In particular, starting from the mathematical dissertation, the main purpose is to promote the capability to critically analyze the vehicle behavior.


Courses of Freshmen Physics and Applied Mechanics

Course programme

Mechanics of the wheel with tires: kinematics; tire slips; grip forces; brush model; magic formula.

Vehicle model for Performance: vehicle equilibrium equations; braking; maximum velocity; maximum slope.

Vehicle model for Handling: kinematic steering; vehicle handling fundamental equations; single track model; vehicle in steady state conditions; steering pad; handling diagram; understeer gradient; stability.

Ride Comfort and Road Holding: quarter car model: comfort optimization and road holding optimization.

Didactic methods

Theoretical lectures made with the aid of multimedia systems and training with dedicated sofwares

Learning assessment procedures

Oral test constituted by oral presentation of the assignement (last maximum 15mins) followed by an oral discussion on the contents of the lessons.

Reference texts

- M. Guiggiani, The science of Vehicle Dynamcis, Springer, 2014.

- H. Pacejka, Tyre and vehicle dynamics, SAE, 2012.

- G. Genta, Meccanica dell'autoveicolo, Levrotto & Bella, 2000.