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Strumenti personali

For foreign students

This page collects useful information for foreign students that wish to attend Fondamenti di Informatica modulo A and pass the exam.

The first source of information is the web page of the course Fondamenti di Informatica.

The lessons are given in Italian; however

  • during the lessons, students can ask questions to the professor in English, and, of course, the reply will be in English
  • during office hours, the professor meets students and they can ask questions in English
  • there will be exercises in the computer lab, and tutors will be available. Tutors know English (and in some years, also French). All the software used in the computer lab is in English.

Books and Teaching material

There are various books and teaching material in English (and other languages). Some of them are listed in the books web page.

Various books are also available at the library: biblioteca scientifico tecnologica

Students can do exercises also considering the available exams given in previous years (see below for a list of exam texts with solutions in English)

On-line tutorials:

Compilers used during the course

Exercises in the lab and lab exams are done with the following compilers:




The exam can be given in English, provided that students ask the professor via mail at least one week in advance.

The exam consists of an exercise at the computer (and all the software, including the help, is in English), and a written exam. The written exam consists of three questions that are written both in Italian and English, plus an exercise on recursion and activation records (the text is normally given in Italian, but, as explained earlier, it can be in English if asked in advance).

Some exams in English given in previous years (some with solutions):