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Academic year and teacher
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Academic year
Didactic period
Primo Semestre

Training objectives

The student is introduced to the principles of the art of building through an understanding of the formal, technical and construction aspects of the executive project.
The understanding of the formal aspects will refer to the historical reading in the executive choices of the building.
The knowledge of the technical aspects will start from the understanding of the concepts of the building process, the rules that characterize it and the value of the designer's choice in determining the design of the building element.
With the introduction to the constructive aspects of the project, the concepts of requirement, performance, need, their relationships and the first knowledge of traditional and innovative materials will be explored.


Techniques of graphic representation of architecture with computer systems, Autocad

Course programme

The course will be accompanied by lessons on the following topics: UNI 8290, Minimum Environmental Criteria, Sustainable building materials, Vertical structures, Horizontal structures, Arches and vaults, Wood, principles of sustainability, Rating systems, Administrative and economic evaluations of the work.

Didactic methods

The teaching method includes a series of lectures and three seminars made in collaboration and with ACER

Learning assessment procedures

Verification of learning will consist of an oral test and a practical test that involves the preparation of an executive project of an existing building in a garden town,neighborhood, village. The drafting of the executive project of several buildings will lead to the drafting of a unique Urban Code of the Halth City post covid 19

Reference texts

At the end of each lecture, texts will be provided to deepen the topic
The general reference texts are as follows:
"Architettura tecnica" di Luigi Caleca, ed. Dario Flaccovio
"Edilizia" di Enrico Mandolesi, ed. Utet
"Enciclopedia pratica per progettare e costruire", Ernst Neufert, ed. Hoepli
The new Garden City for the post Covid-19 World G,Tagliaventi, D.Diolaiti