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The degree programme, made up of two curricula,

    Small and Medium Enterprises in International Markets ;

    Green Economy and Sustainability,

is entirely in English and thus aimed at students coming from other nations as well as Italy, offering a modern approach to academic instruction that’s globally competitive and in step with the current evolution of the market.

This course will allow you to explore topics relating to sustainability in economic and production models and will prepare you to work in public as well as private contexts that are characterized by business and market internationalization processes.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to analyse, understand and manage the global challenges that characterize the markets and business management. You will also be an expert in the internationalization of economies and markets, in addition to their environmental, social and financial sustainability.

In order to better guide you towards professional opportunities and areas of competency, the programme is divided into two separate two-year curricula:

Small and Medium Enterprises in International Markets

Once you've completed your studies, you will have gained knowledge and skills that fit perfectly with the internationalization needs of businesses, with a particular focus on small and medium enterprises, companies for which internationalization processes are essential. The programme's content will be aimed at satisfying the educational needs which derive from the internationalization processes of markets and businesses. You will develop competencies and abilities in understanding and analysing market internationalisation processes and their effects on new business models. The fact that it is taught entirely in English is completely in-line with the content offered, which has a markedly international outlook, and with the goal of developing the ability to operate effectively within an international context.

This curricula includes a dobule degrees: one with Kristianstad University (Sweden).

Green Economy and Sustainability

The Green Economy and Sustainability programme arose from the importance of innovation in general, and environmental innovation in particular, in the transition to a greener economy with low carbon emissions - one of the European Union’s goals - adhering to the fundamentals of a circular economy. The lessons taught as part of our programme fit perfectly with this outlook, giving special prominence to issues relating to innovation. The goal is to develop the skills and abilities necessary to analyse environmental policies and innovation processes and to evaluate the economic impact of pursuing the goal of a more efficient use of natural resources.

Professional opportunities relate to specialized figures in the green economy as a general field, and in the broader idea of sustainability and circular economies, which are seeing marked growth, including in terms of employment.

The fact that the curricula is entirely in English is in-line with today's businesses and the institutional players involved in various capacities in the green sector.

This curriculum will allow the students chosen from each call for applications to earn a dual degree from the University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg Campus, attending the first year of the programme in Denmark and with University of East Anglia (UK).

The chance to gain experience through internships and placements at companies and institutions, to participate in alternating work/study periods (the PIL project), and to study in international settings (Erasmus Plus and Atlante) through partnerships with numerous European universities will enrich your experience.

You will also have the chance to prepare a Work Project, an innovative project to be developed in a company/organization relating to the content of the programme. This will allow you to gain greater applicable skills and knowledge and abilities in problem solving, critical thinking, project management and group projects in organisational contexts.

If you are interested in continuing your studies, you’ll have the opportunity to enrol in the PhD Programme in the Economy and Management of Innovation and Sustainability.