Parallel Symposia and Workshops

JUNE  27 - 18:00-19:00

1. WORKSHOP: Focus Group: the effect of publishing ‘Unequal ground: working with people affected by child sexual abuse’ - Julie Lloyd (UK), Hilary Brown (UK)

2. SYMPOSIUM: CAT-informed treatment of young people with severe mental disorders – Part 1 – Borderline Personality Disorder - Chair: Louise McCutcheon (Australia)

Louise McCutcheon (Australia): Introduction to the HYPE program, a CAT-informed early intervention program for BPD
Christel Hessels and Gerda Blom (The Netherlands): HYPEin the Netherland
Elizabeth Morley (Australia): Working with identity in young people with BP

3. SYMPOSIUMConsciousness and Identity - Chair: Clotilde  Gislon (Italy)

Caterina Romaniello (Italy) Disorders of consciousness and behavior: self- related effects in the relational  context
Jessie Emilion (UK): Unspoken Identities, Alienated Selves and Hidden Voices: Multiple Selves in Dialogu

Stephanie Smyrnios (Australia): Found in translation

4. WORKSHOP: Movement and Breath for anxiety: Collaborating to develop CAT based interventions to reduce anxiety. - Caroline Dower (UK), Jennifer O’Brien (Australia), Gaynor Miteff (Australia)

5. SYMPOSIUM Integrated recovery-oriented treatment in mood spectrum disorders (jointly organized by ITACAT, the Italian Society of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and the World Psychiatric Association Section on Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care) - Chair: Maria Giulia Nanni (Italy)

Martino Belvederi Murri (Italy): Integrated psychopharmacology for mood disorders and sleep amelioration
Roberto delle Chiaie (Italy): Psychoeducation in bipolar disorder

Elaine Martin (Ireland): An Exploration of Group CAT for Anxiety and Depression

JUNE  28, 10:00-11:00

6. WORKSHOP: Relationships of coercion and desperation: the fallouts of inequality - Julie Lloyd (UK), Hilary Brown (UK)

7. SYMPOSIUM: Neuroplasticity and the self in practice(jointly organized by ITACAT and the Italian Society of Psychosomatic Medicine) - Chair: Maria Giulia Nanni (Italy)

Georg Northoff (Canada) World and  brain relationship:  how does the self change?
Valentina Colonnello (Italy): Harnessing the power of positive social interactions for neuroprotection programs
Marina Farinelli (Italy): Plasticity of the self and subcortical brain damage: learning from stroke

8. SYMPOSIUM:Attachment and integrated care - Chair: Chrysanthos Katsimagklis (Greece)

Drew McAnespie (UK): Attachment, CAT and Mechanisms of Change
Luigi Grassi (Italy):Splitting, attachment and psychosocial related variables in personality disorders

Jouni Aavaluoma (Finland): Integrating music therapy and life circle work in CAT psychotherapy

9. SYMPOSIUM CAT-informed treatment of young people with severe mental disorders – Part 2 – Other complex disorders

Chair: Louise McCutcheon (Australia)

Eva Burkhardt (Australia): CAT for Young People with a First Episode of Schizophrenia-Spectrum Psychosis
Somer Prowd (Australia):  Using CAT to treat eating disorders in youth
Reem Ramadan (Australia): CAT and Perfectionism

10. SYMPOSIUM: Tools in CAT and psychotherapy - Chair: Rosangela Caruso (Italy)

Elaine Martin (Ireland):Bringing the Poles into Dialogue: facilitating emotional processing and the development of new Reciprocal Roles
Luca Simione (Italy):Rethinking the effect of mindfulness on sleep: what if it was all a matter of distress?
Ann Treesa Rafi (India): CAT in the Indian context: Understanding strengths and challenges through therapists’ experiences

JUNE 28, 15:00-16:00

11. SYMPOSIUMCAT in clinical contexts - Chair: Lee Crothers (Australia)

Nick Barnes (UK). A CAT informed approach to serious youth violence
Juha Savolainen (Finland) Individual Target Problems and Change in Short-term Psychotherapy - Dialogical Sequence Analysis in Change Assessment

12. WORKSHOP:In the mood for cinema. Recognizing, naming and mapping “Italian Reciprocal Roles” from scenes in Italian movies - Chair: Piero Verani (Italy)

Marisa Poggioli (UK-Italy), Cristina Fiorani (Italy), Piero Verani (Italy)

13. SYMPOSIUM:  From clinical to training implications in CAT perspective - Chair: Eleaine Martin (Ireland)

Louise Yorke (UK): Relational Hospital: In dialogue with Relational Discovery
Rosangela Caruso (Italy): Splitting phenomena in mental health staff and intervention

Iannis Vlachos (Greece):  Exploring the obstacles in the establishment of the therapeutic relationship using the concept of language games

14. WORKSHOP:  How can we be with and connect to the unbridgeable parts of ourselves and others?: An introduction to a new creative mapping structure which can be helpful in this process,  ‘ The House of Self States’ (HOSS). - Vicky Petratou (UK)

15. SYMPOSIUM:Lifestyle, self/other distinction, and life events at the interface between neuroscience and psychological interventions(jointly organized by ITACAT and the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine - ICPM) - Chair: Fiammetta Cosci (Italy)

Marina Farinelli (Italy):Predisposed to the change: a novel approach to lifestyle
Valentina Colonnello (Italy):  Self/other distinction: implication for therapeutic process
Giovanni Mansueto (Italy): Early events, neurocognitive functions and mentalization in psychosis: clinical implication

JUNE 28, 18:00-19:00

16. SYMPOSIUM:Integrated recovery-oriented treatment in psychotic spectrum disorders (jointly organized by ITACAT, the Italian Society of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and the World Psychiatric Association Section on Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care) -  Chair:Carlos Mirapeix (Spain)

Martino Belvederi Murri (Italy): Early psychotic episodes: assessment and intervention
Massimo Pasquini (Italy): Integrated psychopharmacologyand sleep amelioration
Ian Kerr (New Zealand): Integrating and applyingCAT in psychosis

17. WORKSHOP: Using ideas from Internal Family Systems Therapy in Cognitive Analytic Therapy - a compassionate approach to problematic Reciprocal Roles. - Alison Jenaway (UK), Carol Gregory (UK)

18. SYMPOSIUMExistential and cognitive-analytic framework [Innovazioni nel modello umanistico esistenziale] (jointly organized by ITACATand the Institute of Humanistic and Existential Psychology) (in ITALIAN) - Chair: Bruno Biancosino (Italy)

Massimo Biondi (Italy): The dimensions of temporality in human existence [La dimensione temporale nella prospettiva esistenziale]
Antonella Filastro (Italy): The four dimensions in the humanistic and existential model [Le quattro dimensioni del modello umanistico esistenziale]
Luigi Grassi (Italy): CAT perspectives on existence [La prospettiva CAT sulla esistenza]

19. SYMPOSIUMTherapeutic Relationship, Hope and Change: an Analysis of the Patients' Goodbye letters - Chairs: Iannis Vlachos, Myrto Kalliopi Verykiou (Greece)

Konstantina Papadaki (Greece): The importance of the Therapeutic Relationship attributed by patients in CAT
Rita Toli (Greece): Reconstruction of Hope in patients’ perspective
Evangelia Tseliou (Greece): Understanding Change in CAT

20. WORKSHOP:Choreographic CAT: The Relational Dance. - Chair: Ellie Carr(UK) - Ellie Carr(UK), Rob Lam (UK): Embodied Practice: Dancing Your Map

JUNE 29, 10:00-11:00

21. WORKSHOP:It’s a family affair: working with young people with BPD and their families in a CAT based early intervention program. - Chair: Christel Hessels (The Netherlands)

Christel Hessels (The Netherlands), Gerda Blom (The Netherlands)

22. SYMPOSIUM: Psychotherapies in dialogue (jointly organized by ITACAT, the Italian Society of Constructivist Psychology, the Italian Society of Psychology and Relational Psychotherapy) (in ITALIAN) - Chair: Tessa Fane (UK)

Massimo Giliberto (Italy): Desdemona’ story: a constructivist psychotherapy approach [La storia di Desdemona: una psicoterapia condotta secondo l’approccio costruttivista]
Mariarosaria Menafro (Italy): The “relational child”: peculiariteis of the systemic setting in a scholar phobia case [Il “bambino relazionale”: le peculiarità del setting sistemico illustrate attraverso un caso di fobia scolare].

Barbara Patrizi (Spain): Therapeutic integrated intervention in the program of attention to the crisis and prevention of suicide in a mental health center: a case report [Intervento integrato nella prevenzione del suicidio in un centro di salute mentale: un case report]

23. WORKSHOP: Integrating Spirituality In Cognitive Analytic Therapy - Chair: Carlos Chiclana (Spain)

Carlos Chiclana: Improving CAT with spirituality and religion
Esther Gimeno: Difficulties in integrating CAT with spirituality and religion

24. SYMPOSIUM: Clinical cases and CAT - Chair: Katri Kenninen (Finland)

Lakshmi Sankaran (India): CAT and the issues of human rights in India
Sarah Cluley (UK):  A clinical case
Sara Johnson (Guernsey):  CAT in Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorders: a clinical case

JUNE 29, 15:30-16:30

25. SYMPOSIUMIntegrating CAT, Meaning and Dignity intervention in the care of patients (jointly organized by ITACAT, the Italian Network on Dignity in Care and theWorld Psychiatric Association Section on Psycho-oncology and Palliative Care) - Chair: Luigi Grassi (Italy)

Rosangela Caruso (Italy): Meaning and the narrative self at the end of life
David Mamo (Malta):  Challenges and  Opportunities for Dignity Therapy in Dementia
Heifa Ounalli (Tunisia): Narration as Dignity in psychiatry

26. WORKSHOP: History and Context: Situating the Chronotope of Love through the CAT’s eye - Rob Lam (UK)

27. SYMPOSIUM Recent advances on mechanism of change in interpersonal psychotherapy and CAT (jointly organized by ITACAT and the Italian Society of Interpersonal Psychotherapy) - Chair: Marisa Poggioli (UK-Italy)

Luigi Zerbinati (Italy): Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Cognitive Analytical Therapy – Comparison between models
Marco Menchetti (Italy): Efficacy of Interpersonal Counseling for complicated grief and other interpersonal life events in primary care attenders

28. SYMPOSIUMSustainable development of CAT training - Chair: Pau Rodríguez Mayor (Spain)

Pau Rodríguez Mayor (Spain): Evolution of CAT in Spain
Esther Gimeno (Spain): Alternatives in CAT training: the case of a training group in Madrid