The plan of study includes a curricular traineeships and internships: 12 ECTS credits (300 hours)

It must be done before graduation (completed and verbalize as the other exams at least  13 days before).
The responsible teacher is Prof Giuseppe Mincolelli

It can be done inside the University of Ferrara or outside

  • External internship (outside the University of Ferrara in Italy)

Information, guides and procedures on the page: (IT)

For information about procedures: Ufficio Placement

List of affiliated companies:

The list is not exhaustive, new internships can also be activated with companies that are not yet affiliated

To activate an internship, the Company must register or (if it is already registered) access the Almalaurea Portal and carry out the procedure for signing the agreement and inserting the training project.

Link for Companies


The Students must be registered on the Portal before the company enters the training project. The training project must be entered into the portal by the Company at least 15 DAYS before the start date of the internship.

Before starting the internship activation procedure it is necessary to be registered on Almalaurea (also Master's students). Students of Master's Degrees (already registered at web portal of Almalaurea) will have to update their profile by accessing the personal area of Almalaurea by clicking on "Add a degree". The information to activate the internship by the Company can be found in the "Guidelines" included in the underlying "downloadable documents".

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  • Internal Internship

Before to start the traineeship, the student must send to the Teaching Manager the internal training form completed and signed by the student, the tutor of the host center/companies and by the academic tutor (Prof. Giuseppe Mincolelli).

Internal form traineeship

  • Internships abroad (not international programs such as Erasmus, Atlante)

1) the student must have the authorization to carry out the internship abroad. The application must be presented to the Career Office which transmits it to the degree program. For information on the application, contact the SOS

2) you must produce the foreign agreement: Internships abroad for information and documentation Internships abroad (IT). For information about procedures: Ufficio Placement


For information about Call Erasmus+ traineeship, how to apply and procedures: Ufficio Internazionalizzazione