Professional profile and career opportunities for graduates

The innovation designer in a typical industrial workplace may perform the following tasks:

- Scenario Analysis.

- Market analysis.

- Product definition using structured methods.

- Design and prototyping according to the specifications.

- Integrated design product / process.

- Design for X (manufacturing and assembly, green design, sustainability, deign to cost, etc.).

- 2D and 3D design.

- Verbal and visual presentation.

- Market analysis and communications through printed and online media.

- Networks building for project development.

- Flexible management of the project according to changes in the environment.

- Program management, problem solving, risk analysis.

- Planning of technological development of complex projects, such as those related to automotive, integrating specific technical contributions of many areas, such as mechanical, electronic and infotainment.

- Global teamworking, enhancement of skills and contributions from research groups and international development.

- Identification and analysis of internal and external drivers for the innovation of new products. - Interaction with the research team, advanced engineering and manufacturing.

- Activation of the processes of innovation through the comprehension of the customer voice.

- Management and implementation of programs and development of innovative projects.

- Communication, information technology and coordination between business units.

- Creation and management of design workshop.

- Application of product innovation in different industries, being an active part in redefining processes to increase efficiency.

- Management of integration processes of digital and advanced manufacturing technologies for the development of new types of products that blends the quality of the physical component with the benefits derived from the application of sensor technology, mechatronics, pervasive computing, web access, in sound and coherent way.

- Coordination and organization of training programs to promote a culture that foster creativity and innovation through the application of design thinking approaches and methods. In particular, the innovation designer will play a coordinating role within multidisciplinary teams, applying technical skills to enable a free flow of information and solution between different areas and teams.

Skills of the innovation designer


The innovation designer will perform the above activities through the set of knowledge, skills and competences provided in the master, namely:


- Methods and techniques for team-working and building network for the development of projects (interaction with the research team, development, advanced engineering and manufacturing), especially the integrated design of product / process

- Methods and techniques of product definition through structured methods (quality function deployment, Triz, etc..)

- Methods and customer user-centered design techniques.

- Design thinking approach to define solutions that integrate human, environment and technology

- Methods and techniques for the analysis and market scenario, including the identification and analysis of internal and external drivers for the innovation of new products.

- Knowledge of advanced industrial technological processes, with particular reference to additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping

- Design for “X” techniques (manufacturing and assembly, green design, sustainability, design to cost, etc.)

- 2D and 3D design techniques.

- Verbal and visual presentation techniques, exploiting the information technology potential

- Flexible management of the project methods, according to changes in the environment

- Program management, problem solving, risk analysis methodologies

- planning of complex technological development projects, such as those related to automotive, integrating specific technical contributions of mechanical environments, electronic and infotainment

- Management and innovation development projects techniques, including monitoring and project and program analysis techniques.


Career opportunities

The Innovation Designer is an expert on the continuous innovation of products and processes and services. Many career opportunities can be envisioned across all professional and business division in the field of design. In particular, the Innovation Designer may perform independent professional activities, professional activities as an employee, contractor or consultant in design studies. Public administration, institutions and research organizations may be interested in such a figure. The Innovation Designer is able to operate both in SME typical of the Italian context, bringing in the modern culture of innovation in places where tradition is fundamental, and to operate in the bigger companies where the skills in industrial manufacturing organizations and services may be very well spent. Its highly innovative profiles in design and research and design development is a strong asset in each career that the Innovation Design will pursue. Moreover, after the master, the Innovation Designer may access PhD programs both in Design, Architecture and Engineering.



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