Lectures timetable

Academic year 2019-20

First year

1st semester : 7th october 2019 - 20th december 2019  7th January 2020 - 17th January 2020

2nd semester: 24th February 2020 - 12th June 2019


Second year

1st semester : 23 th September 2019 - 20 th December 2019

24 th February 2019 - 12th June 2019

2nd semester: The first day of lessons can be modified. It will be published exactly further.


1st semester

The beginning of the lessons and the timetable can change. Check the schedules before going to class


  • Notice for Incoming Students (erasmus, Atlante...): before the start of the lessons please send your e-mails to the teachers of the lessons that you have chosen, so they can send you notices (beginning of lesson, groups, lessons changes). Otherwise they do not know that you will attend their course. Professors and syllabus
  • Timetable (31st July 2019 fixed week (to see the changes look at the notices and the online timetable))
1st year
the lesson of Design thinking methods Lab will start 17th october 2019 at 10.00 (a.m)
2nd Year
  • Notice: Change Smart Technologies for Susteinable design

- The first lesson begins 23/09/2019 at 14.00 (no lessons in the morning)

-  Prof. Vezzani's lessons begin the 2nd october 2019 (no lesson 25th settemper 2019)

- Prof. Bottarelli's lessons begin the 24th october 2019

-  Prof. Spaggiari begins the lesson the 24th september, on Tuesday 08/10  will not do a lesson

Notice: 1st october the class of Smart Technologies for Susteinable design leaves for a didactic exit at the headquarters of the Camst
Notice: changes Smart Technologies for Susteinable design
Tuesday 08/10: lesson canceled
Tuesday 15/10: Lesson only from 14 to 18


  • Notice for Final Synthesis Lab 1 - Final Thesis Design: no lesson  4 october 2018. The course will start 11th october 2019.


  • Holidays academic year 2019-20

- date of the opening academic year (might change every year)

1st November 2019

-  8th December 2019,

- from 21th December 2019 to 6th January 2020

from 9th April to 15 April 2020;

from 23th April to 25 April 2019

- 1st may

- 1st and 2 nd June 2020

- from 1st to 31st August