Admission and entry pre-requisites

  • Name: Innovation design ,
  • Class of degree: LM-12 – Design
  • Bachelor Degree needed to apply: candidates must hold at least a First Degree or equivalent qualification gained in Italy or abroad. The admission regulation of the master in Innovation Design are defined in the admission guidelines available online.

1)  For qualifications gained in Italy (by Italian citizens, EU citizens and non-EU citizens resident in Italy), the following First Degrees are accepted:

  • Industrial Design (Class L4, formerly L42);
  • Industrial Engineering (Class L9, formerly L10);
  • Information Technology Engineering (Class L8, formerly L9).

2) For qualifications gained in EU or non-EU countries, the following academic disciplines are accepted:

- Degrees in Design;

- Degrees in Industrial Engineering;

- Degrees in Computer / Information Technology Engineering;

- Degrees in Engineering Management

3) The following First Level Degrees are also accepted: Economics and Corporate Management Sciences (Class L18);  Degrees in Architecture, Degrees in Economics and Marketing, subject to gaining at least 80 CFU [Crediti formativi universitari - University Study Credits] in Scientific Disciplines (SSD) [Settori Secientifico Disciplinari] and in accordance with the minimum requirements shown in Table 1 of the study programme available at

  • Level of English required: candidates must possess an appropriate level of English, as required by the University (Level B2), Further information in the Call for applications
  • Official length of the course: 2 years (2017/2018: only the first year is active)
  • Admission rules: Maximum number of students: 40 (35 Eu students and 5 Non-Eu students)
  • University Branch: Ferrara
  • The lectures will be held in the University of Ferrara (First year and first semester of the second year). The second semester of the second year will be either in the University of Ferrara, or University of Modena and Reggio Emilia according to the laboratory chosen by the student, as described in the presentation of the course.
  • Master (second degree, according to D.M. 270/04- 120 ECTS) in Innovation design is an international and Inter Univesity course (University of Ferrara and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
  • Official language: English
  • Admission requirements for master’s programmes:

Requirements admission Regulation (Italian version)

- The master in Innovation Design is open up to maximum 40 students for the academic year 2017-2018.

Further information about the selection, the academic and language requirements will be given in the “Call for Applications”, which is on line at:

A B2 English level is required for our future students.


How to apply to further classes (second year)