The call for international doctorate in Earth and Marine Sciences

The competition

The Notice for admission to the International Doctorate in Earth and Marine Sciences (EMAS) for the academic year 2021/2022 (XXXVII Cycle) at the University of Ferrara and Universidad de Cádiz (España) would be published around mid June 2021.

Selection application forms, together with all documents required, must be submitted electronically using only the procedure available on the platform PICA before July 23rd, 2021 h. 23.59 (Italian time).

Download the notice 2021/22

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Instructions for completing the online application form trough PICA System



Winners can proceed with the enrollment, that has to be done before October 22, 2021. The forms to be uploaded are downloadble online.

We kindly ask people who intend to renounce, to write an email to


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We inform all 37 cycle future UniFE PhD students that are available housing opportunities at discounted price rental. Information and request form (to be sent to with a valid ID within Tuesday October 26th, 2021, at 23.59 Italian Time) are published at the IUSS College page.


Evaluation of Qualifications

Interviews results

Final ranking list

All  documents required for the selection must be uploaded following the online procedure. Candidates applying for more than one Ph.D. course must submit more than one application, attaching all the necessary documentation to each application. The competition is toll-free. No limitation of age and citizenship applies.

Expiry dates
Entry online

July 23, 2021 – h. 23.59 (Italian time)

Qualifications issue See the Commission and date page

See the Commission and date page


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