18-22 settembre 2023 - Pianoforte Training Course: PRO_TREAT PROtecting while TREATing

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  • Università degli Studidi Pavia - IRSN - Università di Stoccolma
Data di pubblicazione 11/08/2023
Scadenza termini partecipazione 31/08/2023
Chiusura procedimento 31/08/2023
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Segnaliamo che, dal 18 al 22 settembre 2023, si terrà il PIANOFORTE TRAINING COURSE: PRO_TREAT PROtecting while TREATing: from the basic principles of the biological effects of ionising radiations up to their use in neurodegenerative diseases, organizzato dall'Università di Pavia in collaborazione con IRSN (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire) e l'Università di Stoccolma.
Il corso si svolgerà presso l'Università degli Studi di Pavia, Aula E, Cascina Cravino, Via Agostino Bassi, 21 e si rivolge in particolare a biologi, fisici, ingegneri, medici, radiobiologici e chimici.

Le interessate e gli interessati potranno registrarsi entro il 31 agosto 2023 seguendo le indicazioni riportate di seguito.

School aims
The School wants to give basic knowledges on the multidisciplinary topics necessary in scenarios where acute radiation exposure is unavoidably linked to low dose exposure, such as cancer radiation therapy, targeted therapies for cancer and other diseases, in addition to the Capture Enhanced Neutron Irradiation (CENI) under development by the NECTAR project. These topics include:

  • physics of ionising radiations (IR), with special emphasis on neutrons in biological matter
  • computational tools (in particular Geant4 and Geant4-DNA) to model the named interactions over a broad range of scales (from nm unto macroscopic volumes)
  • experimental techniques and tools to couple and validate the named models (including neutron spectroscopy, microdosimetry and track structure nanodosimetry)
  • chemistry, biology (specifically neurobiology) and radiobiological aspects driving the feasibility, safety and effectiveness of innovative treatments based on ionising radiations.

School information

  • Maximum number of participants: 12
  • Who can participate: PhD students and Post Doc fellows with backgrounds in Physics, Chemistry, Engineer, Biology and Biotechnology, Medical or related-topics and scientific interest to Radiation Biology and Radiation Protection; special evaluation will be made in case of M.Sc. students.
  • School fee: none
  • Accommodation: accommodations will be arranged and provided to all the students.

How to apply
People wishing to apply should submit by e-mail the following documents:

  • CV with description of the scientific career so far;
  • a motivation letter;
  • a supporting letter from the supervisor/head of laboratory

to the School General Secretary:
- Valeria Pascali, e-mail: valeria.pascali01@universitadipavia.it
- Mostafa Karimi Roshan, e-mail: mostafa.karimiroshan@su.se

The deadline for applications is August 31st, 2023.

For more information
- Valeria Pascali, e-mail: valeria.pascali01@universitadipavia.it
- Mostafa Karimi Roshan, e-mail: mostafa.karimiroshan@su.se