State of the art of gender medicine in Italy and European challanges

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The Workshop aims to reach two main achievements:


  • To edit a "Guide to Gender Medicine in Italy 2019", using data from the census of all public and private bodies and organizations that have been involved in the dissemination of gender medicine in the last 10 years. During the workshop the text of the guide will be discussed, so that contributes will next be added and the final edition ready within January 2020.
  • To produce a collection of consensus papers as results of the discussion on gender medicine topics of a number of Delphi Groups of specific medical specialties.


First Italian University Center of Gender Medicine established at Unife

9 January 2018

One of the new frontiers of medicine is to personalize the treatment in the most effective and appropriate way.

Scientific evidence pinpoint that the path of diagnosis and treatment must take into account sex and gender differences, not just due to the anatomical-physiological features, but also due to the biological-functional, psychological, social, cultural aspects of lifestyles. This could summarize in the definition of Gender Medicine. The application of Gender Medicine is not a new medical discipline to add to the existing ones, but rather a new orientation of the entire medicine. Implementation of Gender Medicine deserves attention in many areas, first of all in training of healthcare personnel, but also in scientific research and its translational application to promote the most appropriate modifications to the clinical practice.

Laws and Decrees

Law for Gender Medicine

The Law on Gender Medicine is now active to promote attention to sex and gender differences in healthcare.

Law 3/2018

Article 3, Law 3/2018

Application and dissemination of gender medicine into the National Health Service

Article n.3

Implementing decree paragraph 1

Green-light by the Ministry of Health to the Decree that implements article 3 of Law 3 of 2018 and that in Italy. For the first time a National Plan for the dissemination of Gender Medicine into the National Healthcare system is launched.

Implementing decree a.3

Implementing decree, paragraph 4

The second implementing decree provided for by paragraph 4 of article 3 entitled "National training plan for gender medicine", is being prepared by November 2019.



Proposal for student training

A proposal for Gender Medicine training of Medicine and Surgery students. This is already operative among Italian universities by academic year 2018-2019.

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