Middlebury's Advanced Track in Ferrara is designed for students with high levels of written and spoken Italian. Our program emphasizes acquisition of language skills and intellectual development through a curriculum of content-driven language and cultural study exclusively in Italian. We strongly urge all students to enroll in the program for the full academic year: compared to a shorter stay, the linguistic, academic, and personal benefits of a ten-month stay are incalculable.

If you choose to study in Ferrara, you will take one Middlebury organized course and the rest of your classes at the Università degli Studi di Ferrara.  In your first semester, you will attend the Middlebury course which will focus on writing for academic purposes, and attend the university alongside Italian students for the remainder of your courses.  Year-long students may choose to take all their course at the university during their second semester.  You can select courses from a wide variety of disciplines including: Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, History, Law [Politics], Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and Physics.

The Director will guide you toward courses most appropriate to your intellectual, linguistic, and curricular interests. Normally, a full course load includes one language/literature course (designed for program participants) and two direct enrollment courses at the university.  An academic internship may take the place of one university course.

Click here for a list of available disciplines by site in Italy.

Typical courses include:

Contemporary Art History
Cultural Anthropology
Fifteenth Century Italian Comedy
General Linguistics
History of Philosophy
History of Roman Law
History of Scientific Thought
Human Geography
Introduction to Archaeology
Introduction to Medieval Art History
Introduction to Medieval History
Modern History
Modern Italian Literature
Music History
Nineteenth Century Italian Poetry
Philosophy of Law
Political and Economic Geography
Psychology of the Cognitive Process
Urban Sociology