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Diploma Supplement (EN)

What is it?

The Diploma Supplement is a descriptive report concerning the qualification conferred at the end of a specific University degree course of 1st, 2nd or 3rd level. It is drafted according to the European scheme and is the result of an initiative of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and Unesco. It is issued upon graduation along with the Diploma parchment paper.

It reports the nature, the level, the context, the content and the status of the studies carried out and completed by the student.

It includes only official information about the student's career divided into eight sections:

  • Personal data;
  • Information on the qualification obtained;
  • Information about the level of qualification;
  • Information on the academic activities, the assessments methods and grades achieved;
  • Information on the fields the qualification is compatible with;
  • Additional information;
  • Certification;
  • Information on the national system of higher education.

What is it for?

The purpose of the Diploma Supplement is to provide international transparency of educational qualifications, it enables institutions to a fair recognition and a proper use the degrees in academic field. It also facilitates the knowledge and evaluation of the new academic qualifications by national and international employers.

The Diploma Supplement is an efficient support to international mobility of students and workers, it simplifies the evaluation of the course of studies becoming a valuable tool for graduates who want to study abroad, and it makes the qualification achieved more transparent by integrating it with the description of the studies actually done.

Who can benefit from it?

The release is expected for any student upon graduation according to the M.D. 509/99 or 270/04.

How to get it

Once you achieve the final​ degree​, ​l​og in ​your private area ( with your ​personal credentials.

After having received the official email via Unife account, it’ll be possible to download one’s Diploma Supplement digitally signed in PDF version just by logging on the private area and selecting the corresponding entry from the left menu.

The available versions will be:

-          General section in Italian language

-          General section in English language

Moreover, the University can issue the following two files upon specific request to be directed to the Student’s Office in charge:

-          General section and analytic syllabus in Italian language

-          General section and analytic syllabus in English language

Useful links:

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Diploma supplement pattern

Filled-in sample