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International Staff Training Week - 2014

The University of Ferrara is organizing an International Staff Training Week, which will take place, between the 9th and the 13th of June, 2014.

The initiative should be oriented on 2 main kinds of participants and will focus on the following themes:

  • FOCUS GROUP A: International communication (max. 20 participants)
  • FOCUS GROUP B: Reconciling work and family (max. 20 participants)

As well as offering a general framework programme, it is a chance to be involved in an enriching international and intercultural learning experience within specific working fields.

It will be possible to select one of the two focus groups (Group A or B).

If the number of participants to one focus group exceeds the limit, the International Office will have to decide how to balance the groups.

Furthermore applicants can give an active support preparing a presentation about a specific successful practice (in particular concerning GROUP B) to be shared during the Staff Week.


  • The participation to the international staff week is completely free of charge including morning coffee breaks and closing brunch.
  • All the costs related to travel, accommodation and food must be covered by the participants.

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