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Strumenti personali

Departmental coordinators for international mobility

Human Studies

Prof. Marialuisa Caparrini

    • Modern and classic languages and literatures
    • Foreign languages and literatures

Prof. Marta Arzarello

    • Literature, Arts and Archaeology
    • Philosophical and educational Sciences
    • Communication sciences and technologies
    • Manager for Cultural itineraries
    • Quaternary, Prehistory and Archaeology
    • Cultures and Traditions in the Middle Ages and Renaissance



Prof. Serena ForlatiProf. Ciro Grandi; Prof. Silvia Borelli

    • Law
    • Legal Service Operators


Business and Economics

Prof. Marco Rodolfo Di Tommaso

    • Economics
    • Economics, markets and management


Mathematics and Computer Science

Prof. Claudia Menini, Prof. Damiano Foschi

    • Mathematics

Prof. Guido SciaviccoProf. Gaetano Zanghirati

    • Computer science


Life sciences and biotechnologies

Prof. Lorenzo Ferroni

    • Biological sciences

Prof. Gaia Colombo

    • Pharmacy

Prof. Catia Contado

    • Pharmacy (only for INCOMING STUDENTS coming from Madrid, Salamanca and Sevilla)




Prof. Nicola Marzot

  • Architecture

Prof. Davide Turrini

  • Industrial design



Prof. Alessandra Aprile

    • Civil Engineering

Prof. Raffaella Rizzoni

    • Industrial Engineering

Prof. Davide Bertozzi

    • Electronic Engineering


Physics and Earth Sciences

Prof. Angelo Taibi

    • Physics

Prof. Paolo Ciavola

    • Geological sciences


Chemical and pharmaceutical sciences

Prof. Catia Contado

    • Industrial pharmacy
    • Chemistry


Medical Area

Organizational Setting and Coordinators for Medical Area


Morphology, surgery and experimental medicine

    • Medicine and Surgery
    • Medical radiology techniques for images and radiotherapy
    • Physiotherapy

Biomedical sciences and specialistic surgery

    • Speech Therapy
    • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques
    • Biomedical Laboratory Techniques
    • Dentistry
    • Sports Sciences

Medical Sciences

    • Nursing
    • Dietistics
    • Midwifery
    • Dental Hygiene