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Incoming Erasmus students for hospital traineeships

Erasmus+ medical students who wish to undertake a traineeship in hospitals in Ferrara should submit an application in the following periods at least 2 months before the start ot the activity (i.e. withing October to start in January).

Candidates must have a knowledge of Italian language equivalent to at least B1 level (certifications accepted: CELI, CILS, PLIDA or alternatively the Erasmus OLS assessment test) or a knowledge of English equivalent to at least B2 level (certifications accepted: Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL or alternatively the Erasmus OLS assessment test). An Italian or English language certificate must be attached to the application. The certificate shouldn't be older than 2 years old according to the date of submission of the application.

Applications may be submitted EXCLUSIVELY for the available positions specified below (each place refers to 1 month duration):

First period


Second period




of places available


of places avalable

Gynaecology and Obstetrics 6 4
Paediatrics 4 4
Surgery 6 4
Endocrinology 3 3
Neurology 12 10
Radiology 3 2
Dentistry 1 1
Anaesthesiology 2 2
Respiratory Tract Diseases 1 1
Occupational Medicine 6 4
Rehabilitation 6 6
Legal Medicine 1 1
Oncology 4 0
Medical Genetics 2 2
Rheumatology 1 1
Ophthalmology 2 2
Plastic Surgery 10 10
Otolaryngology 2 2
Sports Medicine 1 1
Emergency Medicine (Emergency room) 1 1
Emergency Surgery 3 3

Every last Tuesday of the month the University of Ferrara will process the applications received during the current month in order to decide if the candidates can be accepeted. If the candidate’s application is selected, he or she must:

  • accept the placement within 15 days of receiving notification from UNIFE.

Send, at least one month before the beginning of the traineeship:

  • health documentation of the vaccinations received (hepatitis B, measles, rubella and varicella (chickenpox)). The documentation must be translated into Italian or English.
  • health documentation of the Mantoux tuberculin skin test and/or QuantiFERON test. The documentation must be translated into Italian or English.
  • copy of a certificate of mental and physical fitness for carrying out the specific functions associated with the professional profile, issued by a competent physician on the occasion of the most recent check-up. The documentation must be translated into Italian or English.

Procedures to be followed before, during and at the end of the stay:

  • Prior to arrival, students must complete the online application form following the procedures that will be detailed in the e-mail notification from UNIFE.
  • Upon their arrival in Ferrara, students should go to the Ufficio Mobilità e Relazioni Internazionali (Mobility and International Relations Office) to register and receive information on the procedures to be followed during their stay;

N.B. Within 8 days of their arrival in Italy, students who are non-EU citizens must apply for a residence permit through a qualified post office. Students can turn to specialised agencies that will be able to help them to complete the application for a residence permit.

  • At the end of their stay students will need to schedule, by mail, an appointment with Professor Licia Uccelli, Erasmus Coordinator for Medicine, in order to receive a traineeship certificate stating the activities that have been done. To certify these activities the student will need to hand in the timesheets collected for each month of stay.