Call for International Research Doctorate in Architecture and Urban Planning - Cycle 35

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Is available the Notice for admission to the International Doctorate in Architecture and Urban Planning (I.D.A.U.P.) for the academic year 2019/2020 (XXXV Cycle) at the University of Ferrara and Polis University of Tirana (Albania).
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Download the noticeDeadline: July, 26 - 2019 h. 12:00 Italian Time


All candidates admitted to the Ph.D. course in Architecture and Urban Planning, at the end of the selection procedures, will receive information about the enrolment through E-mail by IUSS Office.

The course has been activated throughout an international agreement signed between the Università degli Studi di Ferrara (Italy) and the Polis University of Tirana (Albania). Slovak University of Technology (SLK), University of Pécs (HUN) and University Do Minho (PT) participate in training and researching activities provided for the Ph.D.

With grant 5 =
Research contracts = 5
Positions reserved to Republic of Albany public employees = 3
Candidates holding a foreign government scholarship 2
Positions in convention with foreign universities involved in Development Cooperation Projects 2
Total 17

The research topics are available on the webpage of the PhD course. Selection application forms, together with all documents listed below, must be submitted using the online procedure available on the web page: Instructions for completing the online application form are available on the following.

Instructions for completing the online application form trough PICA System (link).

The choice made will be binding and determine the allocation of available places, which shall be awarded according to the order of final classification, until all places depletion. The Commission shall evaluate the Candidates’ qualifications and interview. For the acceptance of the admission application, each candidate must also have at least 2 recommendation letters written and signed by teachers, experts, researchers or professionals, qualified for the course’s topics. The interview will be conducted via conference call on the Internet: interviews will be held on September 2019. After the proceedings approval, the list shall be published on this web-page. Candidates admitted to the course will be enrolled by both Partner Institutions:

Expiry dates



Entry online

26/07/19 h.12:00 (Italian time)


Sept. 2019


15/10/19 h.11.30 (Italian time)

Replacement form

15/10/19 h.11.30 (Italian time)