The call for international doctorate in Earth and Marine Sciences

The competition

Is available the Notice for admission to the International Doctorate in Earth and Marine Sciences (EMAS) for the academic year 2018/2019 (XXXIV Cycle) at the University of Ferrara and Universidad de Cádiz (España)

Selection application forms, together with all documents required, must be submitted electronically using only the procedure available on the platform PICA before 23 July, h. 12.00 (Italian time).

Download the notice 2018/2019

Download the sheet

Instructions for completing the online application form trough PICA System

Evaluation of Qualifications

Interviews results

Final ranking list

Instructions for completing the online application form trough PICA System (link).

All  documents required for the selection must be uploaded following the online procedure. Candidates applying for more than one Ph.D. course must submit more than one application, attaching all the necessary documentation to each application. The competition is toll-free. No limitation of age and citizenship applies.

Available places

Kind of placeFerraraCadiz
With grant 6 =

Reserved with grant

Candidates awarded

with a foreign institution degree

= 1
Without financial support 1 =
Reserved position (*) 3
Total 11

(*) Reserved places are allocated to the following categories of applicants: Candidates who have an international academic qualification, Fellowship holders of foreign states, Fellowship holders of specific programs of international mode - n. 2 positions

(*) In cooperation with INGV (Reserved positions for employees of Institutes and public Research Centers active in high qualification activities -with salary keeping) - n. 1 position

Admission requirements

Applicants who within the expiry date of this announcement will be holding a University degree valid for access to third level of University education, according to the regulations in force in the Partners Institutions, i.e. in possession of a comparable Academic Degree (second cycle qualification) considered appropriate for admission to the PhD programme, can submit their applications, without any restriction of age and nationality.

Applicants are required to produce an appropriate certification of qualifications, in accordance with the national rules on PhD courses access.

For candidates residing abroad there is the  possibility of carrying out the interview by videoconference over Skype or similar tools - through webcam (download the rquest for the videoconference).

The research topics and more information are available on the webpage of the PhD course.

At the end of the course, each Partner Institution will release the title of Doctor of Philosophy in "Earth and Marine Sciences" to candidates who have successfully argued their thesis.

Expiry dates
Entry online 23/07 h.12:00
Qualifications issue sept. 2018
Interview sept. 2018
Enrolment 12/10 h.11.30
Replacement form 1210 h.11.30