Calendario colloqui di ammissione

The evaluation of the applicant’s qualifications and Physics background will be done by an Evaluation Committee appointed by the CCS, via an Admission interview on the basic knowledge requested and the applicant’s scientific background required for acceptance, in order  to determine:
1.    Acceptance of the applicants for registration.
2.    Structure of courses avoiding repetition of already  known subjects and considering the applicant’s own interests.


Calendar of Admission Interwiev for A.Y. 2020-21:

  • gio 17 settembre 2020
  • giovedì 15 Ottobre alle ore 15.00  NEW
  • mer 18 novembre 2020
  • mer 20 gennaio 2021
  • mer 31 marzo 2021

ore 15.00

mer 14 aprile 2021 (da confermare in caso di necessità). 




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