PAP Three Year Plan 2014-2016

Rector’s Deputy  for Equal Opportunities, the Equality Council (hence EC) and the Single Guaranteeing Committee (hence SGC) of the University of Ferrara, in adherence to the principle of equality and the principles of non discrimination set forth by the Italian Constitution, by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, by the European Convention of Human Rights, and by the University Statute, and in  accordance to the provisions of Legislative decree no. 198  of 11 April 2006, as well as  Legislative Decrees no. 151 of 26 March 2001 and no. 165 of  30 March 2001,


A Positive action Plan  (hence PAP) for the three years  2014-2016 aiming at guaranteeing equal opportunities, at promoting organisational well being  and at removing the obstacles to an effective equality between male and female students, teaching and administrative staff of the University. To this end,   the 2014-1016 PAP pursues the following  objectives:

1. Information, training and awareness raising to increase the culture of equality and of equal opportunities;

2. Harmonisation of the rhythms of personal life, work and study;

3. Promoting workplace wellbeing;

4. Creation of the Unigender Portal;

5. Monitoring and promoting research projects directed  at  promoting equal opportunities;

6. Full integration of male/female students, teachers, and administrative staff from European or extra-European countries;

7. Battling discrimination;

8. Promoting initiatives aimed at guaranteeing  an equalitarian presence of  men and women in the university’s bodies.

For every objective the measures that the University of Ferrara plans to adopt and promote are listed here below. The University also pledges to integrate the PAP’s content in  the plan for the Administration’s performance.

The EC and the  SGC will  monitor the  effective implementation of the 2014-2016 PAP by all of the University’s structures. To this end,  the University’s Gender Report will be kept and developed.

Objective : Information, training and raising awareness to increase the culture of equality and of equal opportunities

- Organisation of the Course  "Women, Politics and the institutions".

- Organization of the course "Violence against women: reception in the heath care and social contexts".

- Planning and realisation of pathways  on gender in the various graduate and postgraduate courses .

- Organisation of seminars on the themes of  gender balance, on organisational well-being and on equal opportunities,  addressed to teaching and administrative staff.

- Cut down tuition fees for University courses  to promote the reintegration of women victims of violence.

- Agreement with the Ferrara Bar Association for the creation of a pool of attorneys  for the pro bono defence  of women victims of violence within the Campus community.

- Promotion of the "Pluralistic town, territory and  landscape planning  project in gender perspectives”  and of professor Francesca Leder’s participation  to HORIZON 2020.

Objective: Harmonisation of the rhythms of personal life, work and study

- Supporting and developing the project  Tu@Telelavoro UNIFE as a way of managing human resources in the University.

- Agreement with public and private institutions for the facilitated access to childcare  and old age and disability care facilities and services.

- Development and promotion of projects aimed at facilitating the harmony between staff and student private lives, work and study rhythms.

- Agreements with summer camp managing bodies for facilitated access to their services for male and female students, and teaching and administrative staff.

Objective: Promoting workplace wellbeing

Setting up of the Welfare Commission, with the aim of :

- enacting the provisions of Legislative Decree  81/2008, in particular as regards the assessment of work related stress;

- verifying the problems on the workplace and in studying experienced by staff and students;

- identifying the elements favouring/preventing staff and student well being.

OBJECTIVE: Creation of the Unigender Portal

Creation, with the support of a workgroup (made up by members of both the EC and the SGC), of a section of the University portal where to include information on activities carried out and the events organised on behest of  the  Rector’s Deputy  of equal opportunities, by the EC and by the  SGC, as well as documents, publications, and any information  helpful in promoting a culture of and equal opportunities.


üCreation of a workgroup (made-up by members of the EC, the  SGC  and the Research Subdivision ) to constantly monitor tenders for national or international  research projects, and to assist in the submission of projects aimed at promoting equal opportunities.

Objective: Full integration of male/female students, teachers, and administrative staff from European or extra-European countries

Creation of a workgroup (composed of members of the EC and the   SGC) aimed at verifying the actual access, on the part   of female and male  students, teaching and administrative staff coming from European or extra-European countries, to social services, to healthcare and all social benefits Italian citizens enjoy.

- Promoting initiatives directed at guaranteeing actual equality of all elements  of UNIFE


- Participation to local working table conferences and to projects aimed at directly contrasting all types of discrimination   by creating a workgroup  (composed by members of the EC and the  SGC).


- Promoting  initiatives aimed at guaranteeing an equal female and male representation in the University’s bodies.