Before you arrive


Every partner institution has to send us the main information on selected candidates, exclusively by filling out this E-nomination form.

Any nomination received in a different way will not be considered.

Attention: the E-nomination form must be exclusively filled in by the partner university staff, not by the students themselves.

    Free movers' registration

    The free movers willing to study or train at the University of Ferrara have to:

    1. be accepted by a professor of the department of interest ot a Departmental coordinator for international mobility;
    2. fill out and send this Registration form;
    3. follow the procedure for incoming mobility.

    Acceptance email

    The International Mobility and Education Office, after receiving the "Nomination" from the partner universities, will send an acceptance email to all the incoming students. The email basically includes information useful to organize the study mobility in Ferrara (e.g. Academic Calendar, Italian language course, ...) along with the details to access the online Application form.

    Invitation letter

    Upon specific request, an official invitation letter will be issue only to the non-EU citizens who have to apply for a VISA for Italy.

    Online application

    The regularly nominated students or the regularly accepted free-movers in the acceptance email will receive the access data to enter the online application form, available in this webpage. Further details on the application procedure are visible on the Guide to the Application.

    It's possible to access application strictly in these terms:

    • (I semester and whole academic year students) from May to August 31st;
    • (II semester students) from May to January 15th

    Learning Agreement

    Before their arrival in Ferrara, students should have a Learning Agreement duly signed by their Home Institution Coordinator. In order to have it signed by the Coordinator of the University of Ferrara, it will be necessary to get in direct contact with the Departmental Coordinator for Mobility during business hours.

    The deadline for sending the Learning agreement is:

    • (I semester and whole academic year students) July 15th;
    • (II semester students) December 1st

    After the deadline there will be no guarantee that the chosen courses will still be available.