Student categories

Non-EU students are:
the citizens from a country outside the European Union and still living in a foreign country at the moment of their pre-registration. These students admission is subject to a reserved and limited number (quota) determined annually by the University of Ferrara. This quota con be consulted on MIUR's website.

Eu students and EU-equated students are:
1) citizens from a EU member country or the non-EU citizen resident in Italy since at least 1 year;

2) citizens from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Republic of San Marino, treated as EU citizens according to the present regulations;

3) citizens in possession of one of the following status: residence card, resident permit for religious reasons, subject or autonomous work reasons, family reasons, political asylum, humanitarian asylum;

4) citizens legally in Italy since at least one year and in possession of a Degree obtained in Italy;

5) foreign citizens, no matter where is located their residence, in possession of: a) a Diploma obtained at an Italian High School abroad, b) a Diploma obtained at a foreign High School or at an International High School within Italian territory or abroad which are under specific agreements in term of recognition of foreign qualifications;

6) political refugees;

7) staff working in foreign Diplomatic Representation or International Organisations located in Italy and corresponding depending relatives such as partners and children.

8) citizens with double citizenship (Italian-foreign citizenship), in this case the Italian citizenship will prevail.

Chinese students under Marco Polo project:
According to an Agreement settled between the Peopole's Repulic of China and Italian Government, the Chinese students participating in the "Marco Polo" Project can pre-register at the Italian Diplomatic Authority located in China. The places are specifically reserved for Chinese students willing to come to Italy for study reasons, this will help to issue student VISA smoothly and in advance compared to the other non-EU students. The "Marco Polo" participants will benefit from an Italian language course of 6/9 months prior to enrolment.

Italian citizens with a foreign degree are:
People holding the Italian citizenship who obtained a university qualification in another country.