Pre-university school years

The student willing to enroll to an Italian Degree course must have completed at least 12 years of pre-university school attendace in his/her home country (including primary, middle and high school). The indication of the overall school attendance must necessarily be stated in the "Declaration of Value" issued by the Italian Diplomatic Authority located in the country where the student studied.

Students who just attended 10 or 11 pre-university school years have to:

  1. certify they somehow attended the remaining one/two education years at a foreign University in order to meet the requirement of 12 school-year attendance. This period will not be considered to reduce the duration of the student's degree course in Italy, whereas it will simply make the student meet the requirement of 12 school-year attendance, as stated by Italian Government. Once proved the student actually attended 12 years of overall education, he/she has what it takes to enroll in the 1st year (1st level degree only);
  2. get an Italian High School Diploma.

Those students who obtained a Diploma after 10 years of attendance and also obtained a Bachelor's Degree in their home country will be considered as follows:

  1. the University of Ferrara considers 2 out of the years of University attendance to meet the requirement of 12 compulsory school-year attendance;
  2. moreover, the University of Ferrara may decide to partially or totally recognize the remaining University year to reduce the student's study plan.