Document check at the Incoming Students Office

Residence Permit (only for non-EU students)

Non-Eu students by 8 days after they arrive in Italy have to apply for student residence permit at the Police Headquarter. The application can be submitted at the Postal Office, filling out the related kit form. Several agencies and qualified charitable institutions will provide assistance to the submission of the forms.

Upon application, the student will be identified and will be asked to pay a fee for residence permit issuing procedure which is about 107,50 Euros overall.

The student will be informed on places and further deadlines to show up for checks and assessments at the Police Headquarter. After having submitted the application, the student will be given a receipt legally in force until the residence permit is regularly issued. This receipt will prove the student's regular permanence in Italy.

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Documents check at the Incoming Students Office

After processing the bureaucracy to get to Italy, the student must go to the Incoming Students Office to hand in the documents for a check before admission. The Office will assess if the documents are in compliance with the present regulations. The student must submit to the Office staff:

  • documents to enroll in Bachelor's or Master's degree;
  • (only for non-EU students) residence permit or application receipt;
  • identity document in legal force (ID or passport).

Upon the submission of documents, the student will be registered and will be informed on what to do next.

Italian language test (only for non-EU students)

The non-EU student must prove a certain level of competence in Italian language required to enroll in Bachelor's and Master's degree courses (except for the Courses entirely held in English). The Italian language test takes place at the University of Ferrara according to the calendar determined by the Education Ministry. Further sessions of the test will take place in September and will be notified to whom it may concern. Whoever doesn't pass the test, will not be allowed to enroll in any degree course.

The exemption from Italian language test will be basically possible for:

  1. students holding a B2 Italian language certificate;
  2. students holding a Dipoma issued by an Italian institution located aborad;
  3. students holding a C1 or C2 Italian competence certification issued by Terza Università degli studi di Roma, Università per Stranieri di Perugia and Siena, or also by “Dante Alighieri di Reggio Calabria and Società “Dante Alighieri”;
  4. students holding a Diploma in Italian language and culture at the Università per Stranieri di Perugia and Siena.

Limited access courses and admission test

The student should first check the details of the degree course he/she would like to enroll in, in particular:

The limited access degree courses visible from the University academic offer require the candidates to pass the admission test before enrolment. The admission test for the medical courses will be regulated according to the portal Universitaly. The application for the test is processed online by the student him/herself and is not subject to the pre-registration procedures at the Diplomatic Authority.

The admission tests for the limited access degree courses are compulsory also to those studens who apply for a recognition of their previous academic curriculum (academic recognition of foreign qualification). After the test, the University of Ferrara will publish the results, indicating also the foreign students eligible for the limited quota.

Application for vacant places (only for non-EU students)

The students who haven't obtained a place within the limited quota for non-EU students, might see which courses still have vacant places for foreign students. Accordingly, they may submit just one application for:

  • Admission to another degree course at the University of Ferrara (provided that the Declaration of Value states the qualification allows the access to the new degree course);
  • Admission to the same degree course offered at another university (provided that the qualification allows the access to the new degree course and that the student passed already the admission test for that course). In this case the application must be submitted both to the Rector of the University of Ferrara and to the Rector of the university the student wants to enroll to.

Admissions for vacant places must go through an application form filled out at the Incoming Students Office, also called "domanda di riassegnazione".

Incomplete documents

The students handing in some incomplete documentation (as long as the admission test and the Italian language test were regularly passed) will be enrolled under condition, which means the student has got the chance to complete/integrate the missing documentation by January 31st of each year.

If the candidate doesn't complete/integrate the documentation by January 31st, he/she will be no  longer student at the University of Ferrara and will have to go back to his/her country.

Scholarship, grants and fee reductions

According to the calendar updated every year, the student can apply for the scholarship/fee reduction awarded by the Regional Student service agency Er-Go. Application to the sholarships/fee reduction must be submitted by the end of September of each year.

Incoming students may also apply for specific grants awarded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in their home country.


At this moment, the student has already handed in the documents for enrolment or degree recognition. The International Mobility Office after the document check will print the enrolment form (to be signed by the student) and the enrolment fee invoice, then passes the documents to the Registrar's Office in charge. The student must first go to the Bank, pay the enrolment fee (reduced by a possible grant/sholarship) and show up personally ay the Registrar's Office to officialize the enrolment. To process the enrolment the student must hand in the receipt issued by the Bank after the fee is regularly paid.

From now on, the candidate is officially enrolled in the University of Ferrara, he/she will be given a "libretto/mark records", an email account and will be allowed to use the free Internet areas covered by wi-FE. If the student is enrolled under condition, must fulfil the requirements of his/her specific situation.