Enroll to a Bachelor's Degree/uni-levelled Master's Degree

    When getting to Italy, the student must have the right documents for enrolment. The documents must be handed straight to the International Mobility Office for a check just after the student arrives in Italy. The documents for enrolment are:

    1. High School Diploma (ORIGINAL HARD COPY) obtained abroad (after at least 12 years of school attendance) translated into Italian language and duly legalised (Legalizzazione dei documenti and Perfezionamento documenti)
    2. Declaration of Value issued by the Italian Diplomatic Authority (Dichiarazione di valore in loco). Student should first check the opportunities for students with less than 12 years of education attendance;
    3. (only for countries where students are supposed to pass a national selection after high school) Certificate proving the student passed the national exam of academic suitabilty, only in case this exam is compulsory in the country where the student attended High School. (i.e. Gaokao in PRC, Vestibular in Brasil, Veveossi Prosvassis in Greece, prueba de selectividad in Spain, prova de Aferiçao in Portugal and so on..).

    For non-EU students we also require:

    1. Pre-registration A form;
    2. Passport-sized photo certified by the competent Italian Embassy.

    If the student would like to get a partial recognition of his/her previous academic degree, must also provide the Academic transcript (credits, grades) and the related syllabus, or, the Diploma awarded by an Italian institution.

    Any certificate issued in a foreign language must be along with an official translation into Italian. The official translation is either processed in the student’s home country or in Italy. The Italian institutions allowed to it are the local Courts or the legally recognised translators. As well as being duly translated, any certificate must be legally recognised by the Italian Diplomatic Authority located in the country where the students got his/her Diploma. Exceptions to this requirement will be made in case of other specific agreements.