Pre-registration at the Embassy/Consulate (only for non-EU students)

In the year before the student arrives in Italy, he/she must get in contact with the Italian Diplomatic Authority located in the country where he/she obtained the High School Diploma. Each Embassy or Consulate will let know the calendar for foreign students willing to study in Italy, especially the dadline for pre-registration process. Students should also consult the calendar released by the Education Ministry, therefore he/she is supposed to select an Italian degree course to sign up for and fill out the form A as stated in the MIUR Regulations.

Non-EU student is subject to a limited number of available places upon Italian degree courses (contingente/quota). The list of available courses and related student quotas determined by the University of Ferrara are visible on foreign student portal.

After the completion of pre-registration process, the Diplomatic Authority will provide the student with the relevant information on student VISA and will send the University of Ferrara the list of pre-registered students.

There are some particular cases which regulate the possibility to pre-register at the Embassy of a different country from the student's one.