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Study method

This is a service for students who wish to be assisted in finding a study method suited to their needs.

The Study Method is a service, active since 2000, designed for students who wish to be assisted in finding a study method  suited to their needs and in positively addressing the difficulties associated with the realization of their thesis or other written assignments.
Through individual or small groups of students in the same course, you can learn to manage your time and the stages of studying: understanding; reworking; storage; application of contents.

The broadening of their techniques and methods of study - drawing diagrams, written and oral reorganization of content - will lead the students to a greater awareness of their own learning process and the creation of the concept of permanent individual training. Since 2006, senior students, selected according to the guidelines of the Mentoring Project Methodology,  have been involved in carrying  out this service,  as assistants to the mentoring methodology.







It is possible to contact this service by sending an e-mail to:

or by calling these numbers:
+39 0532 293367
+39 0532 293320