Job centre

The University of Ferrara’s Job Centre offers programmes to guide both undergraduates and postgraduates and to help place them in work positions.

The University of Ferrara’s Job Centre annually runs Job Placement Paths (PIL), which, with the participation of numerous companies, trial an 18-month qualification process combining education and work placement in an integrated phase of education - training – work.

The Curricular Internships are managed by the Job Centre in their administrative and procedural aspects, while the content and the learning objectives of each internship originate from within the individual degree courses, so that they can develop in harmony with the university teaching program.

The Post Graduate Internships are designed to facilitate career choices through direct knowledge of the world of work. They create opportunities for job placement through periods of training within companies to test the appropriateness of knowledge gained during studies.  The Company Presentations are intended to strengthen the constructive relationship between the University and companies, and to promote graduates’ transition from education to employment.

The University Placement system makes the CVs of undergraduate and postgraduate students available to companies, for the purposes of recruitment and job placement.  It also provides the opportunity for companies to post job vacancies and for graduates to apply for them directly.

The organization ‘ER.GO’ provides both an individual consulting service and group seminars in career guidance.






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