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"Informagiovani" Ferrara

The ‘Informagiovani’ is a youth information programme that gives guidance to students and new graduates regarding the world of work, life in the city and abroad, and leisure time.

The ‘Informagiovani’ programme is part of the Municipality’s Culture, Tourism and Youth Department.  Its main objective is to guide young people and give information about their interests.  Its staff are able to give guidance about work, training and international mobility; assistance in writing CVs both for the national and foreign job markets, and information about internet services.  To achieve its objectives, ‘Informagiovani’ has begun various collaborations with the University, schools, the Province, associations, organisations, institutions and the world of work.  Informagiovani is also a project centre for the National Civil Service. Along with the Province of Ferrara,  Informagiovani is the leader of the Provincial Coordination of Infomagiovani.  Ferrara ‘Informagiovani’ joins the ‘Informagiovani Online’ project, which is part of ‘GECO’ (A Programme Framework Agreement between the Emilia Romagna Region, the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry for Economic Development).






Piazza Municipale, 23
44121 FERRARA - Italy

tel. 0039.532.419590
fax. 0039.532.202488

opening times:
mo, tu, thu, fri, sa: 10.00/13.00
tu, thu: 14.30/17.30