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Disability service

The service is intended for disabled students in order to help them during their studies and to give them the technical and educational aid necessary for passing their exams.


The Disability Service is intended  for students with disabilities and with specific learning disorders, to help them during their studies and provide them with technical support and aids and necessary teaching support  to take exams successfully.
The Service includes:
  • Online Support: students who require information and advice can contact the Disability Service with specialized tutoring by phone or e-mail;
  • Individual support: individual interviews and needs analysis; information on services; confidential information on financial aid for students with disabilities; aids required during the course of the admission tests; awareness on the part the teaching staff of the adoption of teaching methods and class attendance, as well as with respect to the definition of tests and ongoing testing to different functional abilities of the users; support in the classroom and in the study phase; organizational support in the preparation of the exams; aids required during the course of the exams; information on mobility programs abroad for students with disabilities; analysis of critical structural issues and definition of useful logistical solutions to facilitate access to the various locations on Ferrara Campus.






It is possible to contact this service by sending an e-mail to:

or calling these numbers:
+39 0532 293366
+39 0532 293320