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Quality of life

Ferrara is a very liveable and enjoyable town, thanks to its efficient services and connections.

The charm of its buildings, its wide linear streets and plentiful, relaxing green areas make Ferrara an admirable example of harmony and urban balance that has been carefully maintained over the centuries.

Its particular quality of life promotes friendly, relaxed interaction between its inhabitants, making Ferrara a very liveable town. It is easy to enjoy also thanks to its numerous public services and efficient travel connections. The surroundings extend from the Po plain to the Adriatic beaches and include areas of exceptional natural beauty.







Piazza Municipale, 23
44121 Ferrara

Tel: +39 0532 419590
Fax: +39 0532 419490


Opening times:
Mo,Tu,Thu,Fri 11.00-13.00/17.00-19.00
Sat 11.00/13.00
August: 11.00/13.00