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By night, Ferrara is magical

The town centre, with its many restaurants and bars, discos and street pubs, is full of young people from all over the world, especially during the weekends.

Ferrara is a town to live and experience in many ways and from every point of view.

Its maze of streets and squares help create a town layout which is both charming and entertaining.

It is lovely by day, with its ancient palaces, churches and monuments to explore, and it is charming and cheerful by night, thanks to the many cafes and pubs packed with students and the numerous artistic and musical events on offer.

Having a drink in the centre in a young and cosmopolitan atmosphere, dining in a tower dating from the days of the Este family, listening to live jazz, strolling until late night, watching street musicians from all over the world perform are just some of the many opportunities for entertainment that Ferrara has to offer after dark.

The evenings are cheerful, carefree and safe, with a unique old world flavour.

Ferrara is a town where, besides studying and researching, you can have a great time.