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The Town

Lying in the middle of the Po Valley, Ferrara still retains the atmosphere of the past, harmoniously blending it with a modern feel.

Founded in the 6th Century, Ferrara reached its highest splendor and prestige during the Renaissance period with the Este family, who hosted the most important scholars, writers and artists of the era and left indelible signs everywhere: above all, in the colossal project of expansion and architectural embellishment of the town called Addizione Erculea, in buttressing the defensive system of the walls, and in the impressive pictorial cycles painted during the  Quattrocento and Cinquecento, the heyday of Italian Renaissance.

In 1995, the historic center of Ferrara was included into UNESCO World Heritage list as a wonderful example of an outstanding planned Renaissance town which has retained its urban fabric virtually intact. In 1999, the listing was extended to include the area of the Po Delta and the pleasure palaces, so now the inscription is “Ferrara, town of the Renaissance, and its Po Delta".






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