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Ours is a small but welcoming town, with many interesting things to see and to do.

A few facts on Ferrara (further information can be found by visiting our Tourist Information Office). Ferrara is in Emilia-Romagna, in the Italian north-east, and is the capital of the province to which it gives its name.

It is a mere 50 km from Bologna, just south of one of the branches of the Po river, the “Po di Volano”, It is a quiet town, where walking and cycling are the best ways of getting around. It boasts an amazing  Renaissance lay-out, with wide and straight streets, which has been preserved to this day, while the Medieval Quarter, on the other hand, is characterized by narrow, winding streets and alleys.

Between the two, the stunning Este Castle - an ancient fortress turned into a Ducal Residence – bears witness to the charisma of the Este Family court, which is also displayed in the famous frescoes in the powerful family’s pleasure palace, Schifanoia Palace .

Charming images of Medieval piety are sculpted on the façade of the town’s cathedral, creating an “Illustrated Bible”. In Ferrara there are so many fascinating places to visit, events to take part in and interesting places to spend your leisure time at …don’t miss the opportunity! We hope you have a great time in our city.

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